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Have you been touched by the transformative power of music?


TunesWork is looking for board members who have a passion for helping to  bring therapeutic music to those who need it most. Many of us have first-hand experience with a loved one who did, or could have, benefitted from music at the bedside while in nursing care. You can make a difference by serving on our board and helping to pave the way for expansion of music programs within healthcare facilities.

Accepting applications now until January 31, 2020.

Interviews will be conducted the first two weeks of February 2020. 

TunesWork Board Member Expectations​
  1. Know the mission, purpose, goals, policies and programs of our agency and articulate them to others confidently.

  2. Board members attend yearly strategic planning meeting and quarterly phone calls. May miss 3 unexcused board meetings a year, and 2 committee meetings.  Board members are expected to attend/support all fundraising events.

  3. Participate in at least one board committee when, and if, applicable.

  4. Commit time, thought, and effort to our agency.

  5. Accept responsibility for the financial accountability of our agency.

  6. Make a contribution of time, talent or treasure, according to personal means.

  7. Identify friends and associates who might be prospective donors and board members.

  8. Support and advise the chief executive as appropriate.

  9. Participate actively in assessing our performance and setting its strategic goals and objectives.

  10. Sign a conflict of interest statement.

  11. Maintain confidentiality of all agency board meetings.

  12. Agree that in the event, for whatever reason, you can no longer fulfill your responsibilities as a board member, you will immediately notify the board chair and make arrangements to transfer your responsibilities to other members of the board.

  13. Provide a replacement when you leave the board.

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