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Ann Roach has been a professional singer/songwriter for the last 20 plus years.  In music ministry for the past 15 years, she has always understood that music has the power to heal, comfort, and restore.  

After many years of struggling to make a living in the music business, she was ready to give up.  Needing coaching and leadership, Ann signed up for a life-changing program, The Landmark Curriculum for Living.  That is where Ann met Mike.  In the last leg of the curriculum, the Self Expression and Leadership Program, they were instructed to take on a project that would make a difference in their communities and in their world.  Ann and Mike both knew immediately that music as medicine would be their project.  Coincidently, the award winning documentary “Alive Inside” was being screened by Vienna Convalescent and Rehabilitation Center in Lodi, California.  Ann and Mike attended the screening and were deeply moved.  Ann recognized the depths of her ability to touch others through the healing power of her voice and they began to do presentations to educate and enroll others in taking action to further the cause of using music as medicine.  They had been led to this moment where TunesWork was born.  Because, tunes really do work!

As a result of Co-founding TUNESWORK, Ann was led to pursue becoming a therapeutic musician.  She now is a Certified Music Practitioner and sings at the bedside for those that are ill and/or actively dying.


Mike Silcox is a 40 plus year veteran of the insurance industry, and  president of the Western Elite Insurance Solutions.  For the past 25 years, Mike has focused on insurance in the health care industry, specializing in skilled nursing, memory care, and hospice facilities.  Mike spent his youth in the San Francisco Bay Area, living with and surrounded by musicians and its eclectic music scene.  Music has always had a special place in Mike’s life.  Married to a successful radio DJ for the past 29 years, Lynda Clayton, Mike has been constantly exposed to many musical genres and artists.

When Mike met Ann at the Landmark Curriculum, he was immediately drawn to Ann’s vision of using music as medicine.  He had many clients that could benefit from their collaborative effort.  After viewing “Alive Inside,” he was so inspired he contacted Dan Cohen, the social worker featured in the film, to see how he and Ann could help further the cause to bring personalized music to Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients in the Sacramento area.  Since then, they have expanded their vision to include all forms of music as therapy.


With over 35 years as a full time radio personality collectively in Sacramento (KSS) (KGBY), Los Angeles (KMET, KLOS), San Diego (KGB-FM), and Phoenix (KDKB), Lynda Clayton is a gregarious, motivating talent with a gift for immediately connecting with people. 

With her many connections, Lynda has been instrumental in organizing events to raise funds for charities.  She created and produced three ROCK’in the Vineyard concerts, a non-profit concert event for F.E.A.T. (Families for Early Autism Treatment). Lynda also helped TunesWork create their first concert event with Craig Chaquico and helps with artists and media on other TunesWork events. She has a voice over production company called ClaytonVoiceWorks. 

Serendipitously, the time when Ann and Mike were launching their special  501c3 non-profit, Lynda was having her own personal experience of music as medicine.  Her father had suffered a stroke and she was in Phoenix taking care of him.  Ann and Mike asked her to watch “Alive Inside.”  She was also extremely moved and immediately began to use music in her dad’s healing process.  Ann and Mike flew to Phoenix and set him up with his era of music and Ann Roach sang to him lighting up his many memories. 

It was a miracle, really. 

When Lynda got home, the three of them got together and Lynda said, “tunes work!”  and thus, coined the name of TunesWork. 

Forrest picture.png

Forrest’s four decades in retail and wholesale sales and marketing included ten years in the music industry.  In 1993 he produced his first benefit concert Together Hunger Ends, raising $15,000 and 4000 lbs. of food.  Forrest found his passion then to help make our community the best it can be for everyone, especially those most in need.  He has produced a dozen successful concerts with Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Tower of Power, Earth, Wind & Fire, Maria Muldaur, Holly Near, Tracy Nelson, Will Downing, Jeff Lorber, Art Porter, Melinda Watts, Victoria Vox, Airto Morera & Florin Purim, Mumbo Gumbo, and Linda Tillery.  They have raised over $200,000 to help those experiencing poverty and homelessness, and aid in battling sex-trafficking.

After seeing “Alive Inside”, he used personalized music to bring joy and comfort to his Mother who was suffering from Alzheimer’s.  He co-produced the Music & Memory Benefit Concert with Mindi Abair & Jonathan Butler in July 2016, raising $20,000 and bringing the program to 11 memory care communities.   He learned of TunesWork’s mission and joined forces to help grow their fundraising efforts.  In 2018 he spearheaded two TunesWork Benefit Concerts in Grass Valley and Sacramento that brought in $19,000.  He believes in transforming lives with the healing power of music and loves doing the work that makes it possible.


Leslie, a recent addition to the TunesWork Board, was personally motivated to help her mother who is 102 years of age. Doris is fortunately healthy and mentally alert, but is almost blind and more and more dependent upon others for care as she becomes more weakened with age. While she still had her vision and could read sheet music, Doris memorized a number of hymns which she plays on the piano every day so that she won’t forget them. Music has always been a big part of Doris’s life. Through TunesWork, Leslie was able to provide her mother an Easy Listening Radio which Doris can operate herself. She can enjoy over 350 of her favorite songs and this radio is the only thing during the day that she can control by herself. This was a wonderful gift for a formerly very independent woman who now requires 24/7 care.


Leslie’s background in business and non-profits allows her to contribute her accounting and organizational skills to TunesWork. She also serves on the Board of Trustees for The Africa Hope Fund (AHF), a non-profit dedicated to educating the next generation of Africans to ensure their economic future by saving the elephants and other wildlife in Zambia.  AHF has built schools, libraries, provided education sponsorships and supports a detection dog program to fight poaching.


Leslie also served as a Community Chaplain for the Sacramento Police Department four years as a First Responder to Families of Crime and Accident Victims.


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